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-W o r k s h o p s-

A meaningful way for you to make memories and gain a new skill. Delight your senses with new tips and tricks and always take home your creation.  Works best with groups up to 10 people for events like birthdays, stagettes, team building, etc.

Confident Flower Arranging 101 |
60 min. | $85* pp.

Discover your creative edge when you try our Rylea Recipe for
confident floral arranging.

Gain useful tips and simple techniques
you can apply on your own 

– Learn how to choose the right flower and the right container

– Take home your own masterpiece with; dazzle everyone with your

 | 90 min. | $120* pp.

Ready to
get your hands dirty? We’ll share our Rylea Recipe for a low-maintenance indoor
garden, just the right size for your desk or coffee table, in your home
or office.  Start off with our glass container, and:

– Build a
rich, earthy bed with our layering technique

– Select
the right combination of plants.

– Design
your ideal landscape and accessorize with natural elements.

We come to your location (up to 15 students).  Ask about: group rates
(10+), private classes, or advanced classes.

Wanna try?
email: to
discuss available dates. 

– r e c e n t   w o r k s h o p s –  

g i r l s   n i g h t  | experimenting with pinks, whites, and greens.

h o l i d a y   t a b l e s c a p e s  | make your own centerpiece DIY.

Workshop Events – Request a consultation – Click Here

Diy Wedding Flowers Tips